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2014, Dir. By Loch, In 1950, Brazil hosted the World Cup for the first time. Widely considered the best team at the time, they easily advanced to the final against Uruguay. It was there that their excellent goalkeeper, Moacir Barbosa, cemented his infamy.

A Burmese Activist Lands in PA

2024, Dir. By Loch and Hong Sar, This is a teaser for a film we're making with Hong Sar Mahn, a Burmese activist and filmmaker. Having fled the conflict in his homeland, he has landed in Indiana, PA, the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart. Hong Sar will co-direct and let us inside his experience, both in Burma and in his new, quintessentially American, home.

The Utah Compact, New American Economy

2019, Dir. By Loch, In 2010, Utah was at a crossroads. Some legislators wanted to adopt legislation similar to SB 1070 enacted in Arizona, which is antagonistic to immigrants, others wanted to take another path. What they did in adopting The Utah Compact might surprise you.


2016, Dir. By Loch, Episode 3 of a four-part series following Landon Donovan over his final playoff run and last USMNT game. Thoughtful and honest, Landon is an athlete most doc filmmakers would love to follow for a series like this.

Raul Fernandez


2014, Dir. By Loch, We shot and directed many episodes of MLS Insider, and this is a favorite. We traveled to Peru to watch keeper Raul Fernandez protect the goal for his team in a World Cup qualifier. Soccer is religion in South America and, as such, Raul’s family had to watch from home.

Lynette and Ashley


2018, Dir. By Loch, The Visiting Nurses of New York runs a program called the Nurse Family Partnership. Through it, Ashley found Lynette, who guided her through pregnancy, depression, and getting her own apartment. Arguably, two lives were saved.

Ayoke, Philippines

2016, Dir. By Loch, Dependent of fishing for their livelihoods, Ayoke's fishermen are alarmed by the scarcity of fish. Together with EDF, and RARE, they decide to collaborate to create a managed access fishing areas. Proven to work in other areas, fishermen are excited to be leading the effort to save fisheries, as opposed to being blamed for overfishing.

Long Journey to Texas

: :

2015, Dir. By Loch, Tamam and Bothina describe their arduous two-year journey from Syrian to Dallas by way of Jordan and New York. They have come to the US to escape violence. What are their hopes for the future? You might recognize some of yourself in the answer.

MLS Insider, “The Orchestrator”

New York Stories: Belania

2016, Dir. By Loch, Aiming to do a series of short docs on the lives of New Yorkers, Adam and I stood outside a subway stop for 2 days holding a sign that said, "A film about you. Right now." We didn't get anyone to let us tag along with them in the moment, but did meet Belania. She let us film with her for about 8 hours and this is what we produced.

Hunting the Wild Eco-Artist, Sundance Channel

A project we did for the Sundance Channel highlighting Eco-artists. Bob Braine is a particularly good example. We hunted him down in his native habitat, paddling Newtown Creek in the industrial zone between Brooklyn and Queens.

INFORM, Weather vs. Climate

A short rebuttal to anti-science global warming deniers featuring our daughter Circe. Let's just get the terms right to start.

Not Now, Off Ramp Films


When I found out my sister had cancer, I started documenting her determination to become a Grand Prix level equestrian rider. She died before she made it and so far this is as much as I've been able to put together to commemorate her. Music is by my cousin Hub Moore, written by renowned songwriter Earl Shuman for his wife after she passed.

Ironman, MLS Insider

Red Bull NY goalkeeper Luis Robles came close to having his career fizzle out. Now he finds himself on the cusp of setting a record for his team.

Empty House, International Rescue Committee

Most people in the United States probably have no idea what it feels like to suddenly have to flee your home, to become a refugee.

Putting People Back to Work, ACEr

: ACE is an organization dedicated to helping a vulnerable population get back on their feet, mostly those recently out of prison, rehab, and often homeless. It's a big job and they do it by dealing with each client as an individual. Herbert is a perfect example.

We Do Good Awards – Tessa, WETV

For several years running we made videos about the finalists for the WeTV Do Good Awards. This was one of our favorites, featuring Tessa in NY.

We Do Good Awards – Holly, WETV

Holly does something unusual: she dresses up and visits classrooms in her district.

All The Salt in China, UNICEF

Off Ramp's first exotic field production, All the Salt in China was shot in China around 2000 on the elusive subject of iodine deficiency. Micronutrient and vitamin deficiencies are tough subjects for a filmmaker but this is among the work that the UN does best. If people could be made aware of how much the UN and its partners have improved basic health indicators around the world, they'd be impressed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbkSRLYSojo). The challenge with this sort of subject is to tell a story in a way that gives something relatively invisible emotional resonance.

We Do Good Awards – Holly, WETV

Holly does something unusual: she dresses up and visits classrooms in her district.

GoPro Rush Delivery, MEC


A video we made for MEC who were wooing GoPro as a corporate client. The idea was that they'd play this video at the head of their meeting with GoPro and then pull something to do with their pitch out of the messenger bag. I actually don't know if it worked but I do know that I was riding at the upper limit of my skills to keep up with Austin.

AfroReggae: A New Rhythm in the Favela, UNICEF

Of all the projects we've documented, AfroReggae is probably the coolest. So cool that they have been featured in other docs (Favela Rising). Our job was to show how AfroReggae attracts adolescents and keeps them away from gangs and narco-trafficking via its own adolescent members. Kids are drawn to the great programs AfroReggae offers in music, circus, art, etc. It's powerful and very smart of UNICEF to support homegrown projects like this, generated in the favelas of Rio.

The Voyagers, Off Ramp Films

A journey across Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens becomes...umm…epic. Performance sculptor Ward Shelley and his crew let us follow their vision quest.