We Do Good Awards – Tessa

We Do Good Awards – Tessa, WETV https://vimeo.com/369249292005, Directed by Loch PhillippsFor several years running we made videos about the finalists for the WeTV Do Good Awards. This was one of…

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Empty House

    Empty House, International Rescue Committee https://vimeo.com/1525751512017 Co-Directed by Adam BedientMost people in the United States probably have no idea what it feels like to suddenly have to flee…

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Not Now

   Not Now, Off Ramp Films https://vimeo.com/3038270932016, Directed by Loch Phillipps and Adam BedientWhen I found out my sister had cancer, I started documenting her determination to become a Grand…

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Palindrome Poem

Palindrome Poem, International Rescue Committee https://vimeo.com/1124986982016, Directed by a guest directorOf our conceptual work, this is one of my favorites. The Palindrome Poem was written by our good friend John…

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   Ironman, MLS Insiderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPiPCmyqGho2016, Directed by Loch Phillipps The Red Bulls are my team, so any chance to do a story with them for MLS Insider was great by me.…

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Weather vs. Climate

   Weather vs. Climate, INFORM https://vimeo.com/1586349182010, Directed by Loch PhillippsA short rebuttal to anti-science global warming deniers featuring our daughter Circe. Let's just get the terms right to start.

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Hunting the Wild Eco-Artist

   Hunting the Wild Eco-Artist, Sundance Channel https://vimeo.com/2044168542002, Directed by Loch PhillippsA project we did for the Sundance Channel highlighting Eco-artists. Bob Braine is a particularly good example. We hunted…

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The Orchestrator

   The Orchestrator, MLS Insider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrZ1SEcjJCo2016, Directed by Loch Phillipps This is one of my favorite MLS Insider stories. Philly coach Jim Curtin gave us great access. I'm happy to…

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New York Stories: Belania

   New York Stories: Belania, Off Ramp Films https://vimeo.com/3985889682016, Directed by Loch PhillippsAiming to do a series of short docs on the lives of New Yorkers, Adam Bedient and I…

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Long Journey To Texas

   Long Journey to Texas, International Rescue Committee https://vimeo.com/1982832322015, Directed by Loch PhillippsTamam and Bothina describe their arduous two-year journey from Syrian to Dallas by way of Jordan and New…

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